Funny Facebook Wall: Fact About Human Brain

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I always see some funny Facebook wall in my new news feed and I can’t help not to share it to you. The contents are sometimes funny, sad, genius, and many emotionally smart content. So, I want to share some of my Funny Facebook Wall. I also share some of them in Indonesian language (bahasa Indonesia), entitled Status Lucu Facebook.

funny status wall message facebook fact neurologist brain it works in until office school

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My First Posted Poem

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hasil edit shift color irfanview edited gambar image photo picture fall musim gugur belanda the netherlands groningen indonesian student yellow leaf shifted colorIt does not hurt you to read one of my poems occasionally :D. I want to share my first poem to you as I have kept it for myself too long (well, almost three years). You can access Fall otw to AH poem here. Just skip the Indonesian text, the poem is in English (I hope my grammar is fine, well, it’s poem either way). Have a nice read!

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Search Unknown Driver for Hardware

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Have you tired entering question “How to search unknown driver for hardware ?” into search engine? Or, you might forget to back up your computer driver CD or lost it somewhere. Meanwhile, you just did a fresh installation of operating system. For that problem, I have solution that you might find useful in your daily routine involving hardware driver installing process.

1. Open Device Manager in your computer/laptop. Click Start, then right click on My Computer, then click Properties.
how to picture image start my computer right click properties device manager

After System Properties dialog box pop-up, choose Hardware tab and then choose Device Manager.
how to retrieve device manager vendor device code image picture1

2. On Device Manager, right click on the unknown hardware driver. Click Details tab.
You can find keyword needed to identify the device. In this case, the keyword is “VEN_14F1&DEV_2BFA”. Having this keyword, we know that the Vendor Code is 14F1 and the Device Code is 2BFA.
how to pci database enter vendor device code

3. Then, open website, this is a popular website providing information about computer device. Enter the Vendor Code or the Device Code to start the searching process. For your information, only provides information about the device, you can also find URL to download the driver most of the time. In case there is no URL, just search the required driver in the Internet. Having information about the device name, IMHO, is enough to retrieve several links from search engine.
how to vendor device code search result pci database image picture

I hope this information can be useful for you.

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Internet Speeds and Costs Around The World

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I just found this image in my computer. I don’t remember where I got this image. One thing for sure is that the image depicts the internet speeds and costs around the world. I am not sure in which year the graphic was created. It was probably around 2008-2009. The graphic contains top 20 Nations in ITIF Broadband Rankings.

What I can understand from the image is that Japan has been penetrated with 61mbps internet connection and the cost is only $0.27/month. YES, IT’S TRUE. WOWWWW!!!!. Well, sorry for my hysterical response. I couldn’t help it. Indonesia is not even in the top 20, not to mention the internet cost.

I thought The Netherlands would be in the top 5 countries for Internet speed and costs (I lived in The Netherlands for 3 years), but I was wrong. The Top 5 countries were Japan, Korea, Finland, Sweden, and France (61mbps, 46mbps, 22mbps, 18.2mbps, and 17.6mbps, respectively). Netherlands was in sixth position. How about USA? Uncle Sam was behind Iceland and Germany (4.8mbps). In the 20th position was Greece.

I almost forgot to mention that about 60% of Japanese (approximately 76 million people out of 125 million people, data 2009) has access to this broadband internet connection. In USA, only about 8%-10% of American (approximately 27 million people out of 308 million people, estimated data 2010) has the access to the broadband internet connection.

I hope the cheap and fast broadband internet connection will penetrate Indonesia in near future.

internet speed costs around the world statistical data graphic information statistic chart top 20

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