Indonesia Election Day and Spring Time

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Wow, I still can’t believe my eyes (my heart and my soul). My main English blog hasn’t been updated for a while. This contradicts the updates I have for my main Indonesian blog, Soul Hotel. Hehehe, it’s not that I discriminate you. No,,heeee, NO. The fact is I still can’t write interesting things here.

Well, let me try to remember some interesting news happened around me recently. First, it is spring in Groningen now. What to expect? The sun has been brightly friendly lately, so I don’t have to wear thick astronout clothes. The record so far is 22 degree Celcius. People also start to have "praten over koffie" outside the cafe, students study in the park. I don’t know whether people star to remove their clothes and sunbathing in the famous nude lake in Groningen, Hoornsmeer:P.

**Daylight Saving TIme in The Netherlands was started on March 28, 2009**

Second, Indonesia will held its biggest democracy feast, election day, today. Thursday, 9 April 2009, was announced as public holiday so people who have registered as elector may exercise their right. I am still wondering how people will choose their favorite candidate among those hundreds candidates. May the best win!

I think that’s all for today. Ja ne! Mata ashita! Tot morgen!

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